Braille Text Entry on Smartwatches

An Evaluation of Methods for Composing the Braille Cell


Smartwatches are gaining popularity on market with a set of features comparable to smartphones in a wearable device. This novice technology brings new interaction paradigms and challenges for blind users, who have difficulties dealing with touchscreens. Among a variety of tasks that must be studied, text entry is analyzed, considering that current existing solutions may be unsatisfactory (as voice input) or even unfeasible (as working with tiny QWERTY keyboards) for a blind user. More specifically, this paper presents a study on possible solutions for composing a Braille cell on smart- watches. Five prototypes were developed and different feedback features were proposed. These are confronted with seven specialists on an evaluation study that results in a qualitative analysis of which strategies can be more useful for blind users in a Braille text entry.

In Proceedings of 11th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2019)
Mateus Luna
Mateus Luna
Master’s and Undergraduate Thesis Student

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Fabrizzio Soares
Fabrizzio Soares
Associate Professor and CS Chair

Fabrizzio Soares is a professor of Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering at INF/UFG. His research interests include Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Programming topics. He is the leader of the Pixellab group, which develops solutions for accesibilty, Precision Agriculture, and Interactive Systems.