Measurement by images of mycelial growth of fungal colonies on Petri dishes


The use of chemicals as a form of prevention, protection, and control to combat diseases that affect plants is a feasible solution involving control measures. However, due to the emergence of microorganisms resistant to these products, new tests need to be performed in the laboratory, requiring the effort of the specialist in phytopathology and in order to investigate these microorganisms. One of the most common methods used includes laboratory tests, periodically verifying the growth of the fungal colony with measurements using ruler or caliper, but this method is imprecise. The study was developed using images containing Petri dishes with growing fungus colonies, comparing the manual method performed by the specialist in Phytopathology and by images processing. For this, processes were developed involving region segmentation by color analysis and unnecessary information removal to measure the size of colony. It was possible to verify the application and potential of the method developed for creating mobile applications. Therefore, this work presents a method for measurement of the fungal colony on Petri dishes from isolates of the fungus Corynespora cassiicola, using techniques involving digital image processing, with the purpose of assisting the phytopathologist professional, providing other means besides the visual analysis.

In Proceedings of 32nd IEEE Canadian Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2019)
Priscila Kai
Priscila Kai
Master’s Student

Fabrizzio Soares is bla bla bla.

Fabrizzio Soares
Fabrizzio Soares
Associate Professor and CS Chair

Fabrizzio Soares is a professor of Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering at INF/UFG. His research interests include Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Programming topics. He is the leader of the Pixellab group, which develops solutions for accesibilty, Precision Agriculture, and Interactive Systems.