Recognition of utility poles from Google Street View images


Urban environments, such as streets, roads and buildings, always require maintenance and management to better use. In this sense, this paper presents an approach to recognition pole utility in street images mapped by Google Street View. Features such as color, texture and shape were investigated in order to find the best set of features to represent the objects of interest. The classification was performed using an Multilayer Perceptron trained with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. Initial results show a higher accuracy by using RGB mode and texture properties as features to represent objects.

In Proceedings of 22th Brazilian Congress on Automatica (CBA)

Text in Portuguese, Original Title: Reconhecimento De Postes Da Rede Eletrica A Partir De Imagens Do Google Street View.

Allan Kardec
Allan Kardec
Master’s Student

Fabrizzio Soares is bla bla bla.

Fabrizzio Soares
Fabrizzio Soares
Associate Professor and CS Chair

Fabrizzio Soares is a professor of Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering at INF/UFG. His research interests include Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Programming topics. He is the leader of the Pixellab group, which develops solutions for accesibilty, Precision Agriculture, and Interactive Systems.