Experimentation Package for Evaluation of Problems Applied to the Software Project Subject Using PBL


This paper presents an experimentation package that compares the traditional and problem-based learning (PBL) approaches in the Software Project academic subject. The package was applied in a controlled experiment in a Computer Science class of a higher education institution, having message-oriented middleware as a case study. The case study enabled us to validate the experimentation package and to collect initial data to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of PBL against traditional learning. Even though the statistical analysis failed to show differences between the two approaches in view of the data collected, student’s answers to a questionnaire enable us to verify how PBL may be used to increase their motivation and interest in the subject.

In Proceedings The Seventh International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA 2012)
Fabrizzio Soares
Fabrizzio Soares
Associate Professor and CS Chair

Fabrizzio Soares is a professor of Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering at INF/UFG. His research interests include Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Programming topics. He is the leader of the Pixellab group, which develops solutions for accesibilty, Precision Agriculture, and Interactive Systems.